Vintage Market Days comes to Nashville

On a bright and early March morning, the warehouse within the Fairgrounds Nashville feels full to the brim with customers anxious to get their hands on one-of-a-kind, shabby-chic, vintage-inspired merchandise. Crowds of people swarm the endless aisles of booths. People with toddlers in strollers. People with mini shopping carts. Even people with teacup-sized pooches navigate […]

For CMT’s Marley Sherwood it’s all about family

Developing a passion for journalism and entertainment at a young age was the driving force behind the success of CMT’s Marley Sherwood . Chicago native Sherwood serves as an associate producer on CMT’s “Hot 20 Countdown,”along with a more recent stint as a co-host with Cody Alan on “CMT After Midnight” on CMT radio. Sherwood […]

Top Knot is top notch in vintage clothing

The screen door swings back and forth as the wind starts to pick up. The heavier door behind it wears worn paint that appears it could chip away with the slightest touch. The door opens up easily enough and an entirely different world is discovered. Prints and patterns of every shape and color capture the […]

A final gift to loved ones

Laying in a hospital bed at home in Nashville, Kate Kirk, 13, is too frail to open her eyes. She has fallen into a deep sleep over the weekend. Her 40-pound body is connected to oxygen tubes, cradled in her mother’s arms. Her little mouth is opened, gasping for life with every breath. Gazing at […]

Being Mr. B

I bring my car to nearly a full stop before turning in, pulling in behind an older Lexus sedan. I sit. Confused and idling in the driveway, an ordinary brick house accented by a tidy porch, settled in a residential neighborhood stands in front of me. I cut the engine. A young couple pushing a […]

Belmont’s Roller Derby Queen

Four years ago, Elizabeth Gortmaker enjoyed physically knocking women down. In fact, she did it semi-professionally twice a month. Today she spends her time building up future entrepreneurs, both men and women. Elizabeth, director of center of entrepreneurship for Belmont University is a recognizable face in the business and entrepreneurship department on campus. In 2013, […]