Being Mr. B

I bring my car to nearly a full stop before turning in, pulling in behind an older Lexus sedan. I sit. Confused and idling in the driveway, an ordinary brick house accented by a tidy porch, settled in a residential neighborhood stands in front of me. I cut the engine. A young couple pushing a […]

Belmont’s Roller Derby Queen

Four years ago, Elizabeth Gortmaker enjoyed physically knocking women down. In fact, she did it semi-professionally twice a month. Today she spends her time building up future entrepreneurs, both men and women. Elizabeth, director of center of entrepreneurship for Belmont University is a recognizable face in the business and entrepreneurship department on campus. In 2013, […]

A Long Road to Sobriety

The right rear tire blows out. The car rolls more than 10 times in seven seconds. In those seven seconds, as he remembers, the scene flashes before his eyes. Riding down the interstate in an SUV, John Clint Mabry, a senior college student, and his friends are on their way back to Baylor University after […]