Born In the South

Biscuits with fried chicken. Biscuits with sausage gravy. Biscuits with eggs. Even biscuits as french toast. A biscuit. How can something made out of lard, water and flour be so tasty and versatile? From the first step into the restaurant, the buttery smell of fresh, warm, Southern-style home-cooked biscuits fills the air. On the wall […]

Godless assembly celebrates a life before death

It is a sight all too familiar. Well-dressed families gathering on a Sunday morning to celebrate a shared spirit. The pale light of the winter sun filters through scattered stained-glass windows to match the attendees’ welcoming spirit. This assembly includes all of the makings of a church service except for one thing: God. Among a […]

A 250-Acre Hill of History

Nashville’s history is buried in 250-acres of dirt right off Lebanon Pike. Outlined by the industrial side of Nashville lies a hill with the words “Mt. Olivet” spelled out in white-faced stones. Behind those stones are the remains of some of Nashville’s most prominent leaders, Civil War heroes and regular folk. Mt. Olivet may not be […]