The Running Theme in Nashville Tourism

The Nashville tourism industry is temporarily leaving its glossy leather boots and ten-gallon hat at the door and roaming the city with nothing more than running shoes, a sweatband and a fair amount of endurance. Nashville Running Tours, in tandem with its name, guides visitors and locals alike through the best of Nashville while knocking […]

Athens: A Taste of Greece in Nashville

He came from the Northeast side of Egypt and somehow started a Greek restaurant in Nashville. Go figure. Owner of Athens Family Restaurant Adele Elosetta is one of those men who stands an average height, but appears much taller. It may be his tan skin, dark facial hair and deep-set eyes that give him an […]

The Real Runway Models of Nashville

It’s the week after Nashville Fashion Week—seven days past the bright lights, couture threads and base-heavy Top 40 playlists—and male model Bryant Lowry has one thing to say about the experience. “Zoolander is way off.” Yes, Ben Stiller, tousled tresses, chiseled cheekbones and luxurious labels aside, there’s a good deal more to the model’s experience […]