Go be that girl

Get Graceann Belgiorno talking for more than five minutes about the women in her life and she’ll likely say “badass” more than once. And rightfully so.   Badass girls surround themselves with like-minded women.   The Nashville chapter of national organization I Am That Girl meets every other week to talk about women’s issues and […]

Davis Cookware and Cutlery: the original Nashville

Like a storage closet yet to be cleaned out, Davis Cookware and Cutlery may seem overwhelming at first. I find myself mindlessly wandering among the seemingly endless supply of cookware, bags of coffee and tea. Stacked cardboard boxes hide any trace of a wall and various kitchen gadgets lay in their original shipping boxes.  The […]

Styled to perfection

“You mess things up and then do it better next time,” said Kelly Henderson, recounting her trials and tribulations from the beginning of her career as a hair, makeup and wardrobe stylist to country music’s finest.   Graduating from Louisiana State University, she packed her bags and moved to Nashville for a public relations job […]

The Stone Fox

The unpaved parking lot, full of pot holes and loose gravel, casually informs visitors to park wherever they can find room. Christmas lights hang year-round outside the teal building, highlighting the covered porch and illuminating a path to the front door. A lighthearted mood floats throughout the establishment. School lockers are used as a storage […]

The Enchanting Realm of Savant Vintage and Couture

                Vintage pieces serve as tokens of idyllic times, their vibrancy crystallized within each thread. Vintage is elusive and enchanting: it travels, cycles through different owners and yet it always arrives precisely where it’s meant to be.                 Some of the most timeless and unique pieces find themselves in the hands of Beverly Chowning of Savant Vintage […]

Fanny’s House of Music caters to female musicians of Nashville

If not for the cash register up front, it may seem like walking into an old female singer-songwriter’s home with the racks of western-style, vintage dresses, walls lined with rare guitars and cozy practice space. Fanny’s House of Music captures a feeling of hospitality and humbleness with its decor as well its welcoming owners, Leigh […]