Legato gelato brings Italian sweetness to Nashville

If you are one of those Nashvillians who has always wanted a taste of Italy but find that budget, time or both seem to always stand in the way, forget the plane ticket because your solution may lie no farther than Edgehill Village. A storefront laced in vibrant shades of peach and lime green is […]

Green Fleet: Bringing back bikes

Multicolored bikes spill out onto the narrow sidewalk and lean up against the metal siding of the open air garage as cars zoom by on Edgehill Avenue. I weave my way through the bikes crowding the front door and take the two small steps to the cash register. The table is stacked with books about […]

Ladies in red: Turning tattoo industry convention on its heels

In a man’s world, the needlework ought to be left to the women—or so the groundbreaking force behind the all-female owned and operated Red Tattoo Parlor contend. While female tattoo artists make up only 2 percent of those licensed in the U. S., Red Tattoo Parlor, connected at the hip to an old convenient store […]

Nashville Rollergirls

Staring up at Major Wood, I struggle to find my bearings as Juggs Judy nearly falls in the suicide seats. Daddy Ho’Maker throws chocolate coins to the crowd as Spider-Man dances in his seat. My friend gets hit on by two cougars to his right as the girl to my left spills a beer on […]

The new sport that’s sweeping across the nation…

Dani looks on with both excitement and frustration. She loves watching her teammates play and photographing them, but she also wants to be back in the thick of it, badly. She’s done being a spectator. Even though Dani won’t make her return debut until next semester, she still participates in the weekly team runs, conditioning […]

The Best and Only Little Wedding Chapel in Nashville

On the way to the chapel, I receive a call from Brenda. “We can just sit outside or in the hallway,” she said. “Sorry. I left my keys with Elvis.” I learn it’s an occupational hazard. I pull off Music Row East into the stuccoed building’s three-car lot. As I pull in, Brenda gets out […]

The Ladies of What’s Bruin’?

The line wraps around the store, crowding the coffee stand and bumping boxes of sushi, but no one dares to miss his morning muffin and her afternoon java. Some say it’s something more than the food and drinks that keep people coming to What’s Bruin’? There is something special about the people Yashica Benford and […]

Designer Renaissance–25 years of making fashion affordable

If Bransford Avenue had a statement color, it would be Burberry plaid. Driving down the quiet street, it’s hard to ignore the post-war charm of the houses that dot either side of the road in a string of blacks, grays, whites and browns—and triply as hard to ignore the streak of multicolored plaid amid the […]

From runway to racks: fashion phenomenon to hit Nashville this summer

Move over, Gibson Guitars—there’s a new retailer in town. Well, almost. Nashville is expecting a hot summer—a haute summer, to be exact. H&M, the high-quality, low-budget Swedish fashion retailer with a fan base as thriving as its appeal to cutting-edge trends, announced in January its plans to open a store in the 25,000 square foot […]

Paper Cabin

The organ begins playing. It’s the top of the hour and nerves are high. The two men are about to walk down the isle. They look at each other one last time, give each other the head nod and go. Josh Helton carries one camera, and Zach Gray the other. “I will usually follow the […]