10-second thrill

I look up from my laptop screen to take a breather from the paper I am writing only to be greeted with the view of another college student holding out her phone to take a self-photo, or a “selfie.”   But no, she’s not just smiling for the camera and hoping this one is worthy […]

Belmont’s Biggy Bird

The glass door closes behind me as I enter the empty community room of a Belmont dormitory. I take a seat at the round wooden table in the corner of the room, waiting anxiously to meet Belmont’s biggest celebrity. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a feathery primrose-yellow creature approaching. Standing 8 […]


You’re on it. Your friends are on it. Don’t lie. You’ve posted on it. It was April 2nd when I first heard about it. While sitting at Bongo Java with my friends, I received this text: “Found this. You’re famous.” After appropriately throwing a tantrum, I immediately turned on my laptop to find out what […]

My Journey Around the City

With a full tank of gas and an empty stomach, I got in my car with one mission. It’s 2 p.m. on a Saturday, and I want breakfast. Most restaurants are recuperating from the lunch rush, cleaning dishes of mashed potatoes, chicken sandwiches and burgers, but I want nothing more than to sit down with […]

Judah & the Lion: A slice of Americana

Getting in tune. Exposed brick walls and paint-splattered wooden pillars divide the drafty room save for a small open space in the center. One by one people enter through the heavy metal doors and begin to unpack their oddly-shaped belongings: a mandolin, a cello, a banjo, an upright bass. The mandolin player starts plucking an […]

One cover at a time

An hour of free time, a triple dose of talent, thousands of subscribers and a little patience may just lead to nearly 148,000 hits on YouTube and approval from one of country’s hottest acts.   “It’s funny because it’s something we whipped up and didn’t have a lot of time to rehearse,” said Taylor Edwards, […]

Lulu: an app for girls, by girls

#Mama’sBoy #SexualPanther #PlaysDidgeridoo These are some of the hashtags used to describe men on Lulu. Lulu is a new “girls only” app that connects with Facebook to allow girls to rate, share and comment on men. The app uses the Facebook’s gender information to grant or deny access to the application, which allows girls to […]

The Bathroom Sessions

The dorm room is filled with couches, food, posters, dirty socks, and four guys. What is the cleanest part of the dorm? The bathroom. Because when it is not fulfilling its main function, the Kennedy 321/323 suite’s bathroom is a recording studio. The group of sophomore Belmont students, audio engineering technology majors Ian Brown and […]

Chip’s Clips

From a smoky barbershop in Manassas, Va., to a dorm room at Belmont University, Chip Hubbard loves working with and meeting new people, but not the way most college students do it. Hubbard, a sophomore design communications, is an apprentice barber who has been cutting classmates’, friends’, and family’s hair since his junior year in […]

Who is Warby Parker?

  With a Jack Kerouac inspired name, Warby Parker possesses a vintage-inspired fashion sense, a strong global awareness and a desire to make the world a better place. If Warby Parker were a person, he would be born out of the collective traits of creators Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, Jeffrey Raider, and David Gilboa. Like […]