Kid Freud psychoanalyzes garage-pop and cereal

With the exception of the occasional car passing by, Sharondale Drive is entirely too quiet—but it would be unlike Kid Freud to keep this peace. The band’s indie-rock anthems echo from the Green Hills home-turned rehearsal space. Putting the Tuesday evening jam session on pause, we sit around a flimsy metal table in the front […]

Northern ‘star’ tackles country landscape in Nashville

It’s the day after her last performance in her home state of Minnesota before she makes the return trip to Nashville, Tennessee, and Katie Ray Murray is tired. Her mother offered to drive the first leg of the 14-hour drive, her father all alone in his truck fighting off the same sense of exhaustion. It’s […]

Paulina Jayne developing her country brand

She never meant to write country music. Detroit native Paulina Jayne grew up with Motown music. Paulina started writing country music at age 9 even if she didn’t realize it. “Country music was something that just sort of happened,” said Paulina as she pushed her unruly blonde hair from her face. “I signed a management […]