Paulina Jayne developing her country brand

She never meant to write country music. Detroit native Paulina Jayne grew up with Motown music. Paulina started writing country music at age 9 even if she didn’t realize it.

“Country music was something that just sort of happened,” said Paulina as she pushed her unruly blonde hair from her face. “I signed a management deal when I was a freshman in high school and the people who were managing me said, ‘Paulina your writing country music,’ and I was like ‘I don’t really know what that is.’”

However, Paulina soon found herself immersed in the world of country music. She fell in love with the genre after researching the legends, the popular artists and the songwriters.

Still in high school it became obvious to Paulina to pursue a career in country music, she would have to travel to Nashville. At the age of 14, Paulina started to travel to Nashville to network, and shortly afterward connected with Emmy Winning songwriter and producer Trey Bruce after reaching out to him on Twitter.

In a Goodlettsville hotel room, Paulina and her parents met Bruce, and Paulina performed 10 songs on her guitar.

“There was just something there, a chemistry that was so natural,” said Paulina.

After hearing her work, Bruce knew he wanted to work with Paulina.

“I have heard a lot of young artists,” said Bruce. “I always look for the commercial quality, but there was something unique about her. She has a rhythm in her writing that makes it infectious. Paulina is from Detroit, surrounded by a culture of hip-hop, and has developed those cadences into her songs.”

Now in an artist development deal, Paulina is releasing music under the independent label Girl King Records. Bruce has transitioned into Paulina’s producer and manager, helping Paulina develop her voice as an artist.

Using his contacts, Bruce connected Paulina with songwriters, such as Shane McAnally who won  Songwriter of the Year in 2014.

“Some of the phraseology that people use is inspiring and makes me think about little phrases that people say on a day-to-day basis,” said Paulina. “I’m able to pick them out because I’ve learned, from other songwriters, how important it is to have a title and a concept behind a song that’s unique.”

Paulina draws inspiration for her songs from conversations with friends and personal experiences. Different than most songwriters, Paulina’s music doesn’t revolve around her love life, and instead she sings about her family and friends. When her music does mention a love interest, Paulina makes it clear they have to be committed.

In her song “Going Going Gone” she says, “You said it wasn’t me, you said it was all you. You said the same line, but you know what I think is true. You’re gonna regret. Wish you never said it, Take back that minute before I’m already gone. “

Paulina and Bruce also follow trends they see within the country music industry.

“We cover exactly how the industry is developing and then cater what I’m doing to that while keeping some authenticity in the project,” said Paulina.

Authenticity is important to Paulina. In her song “Girl Who Would Be King,” Paulina mentions how she’s not going to pretend she’s someone else.

“I‘m not the kind of girl who sits there and takes it. If I don’t like you I ain’t gonna fake it. Honey I make my own fun.”

In addition to developing as an artist, Paulina is attending Belmont University and studying music business.

“It’s defiantly tough to balance school and being an artist, but I have a team now and they have really helped me,” said Paulina. “I do have to say, though, there are a lot of late nights and early mornings.”

Paulina has put all that hard work to good use. This summer Paulina opened for LoCash at the Faster Horses Festival performing for about 15,000 people. This was the fifth year Paulina was invited to play the festival. Paulina’s expression lights up as she recalls the festival.

“I got to play on the new stage, on the first day of the festival and everyone was excited, crazy and not hung over yet. It was really great. Opening for LoCash was just extremely memorable. Faster Horses people are rabid on social media, saying they remembered me from the first festival.”

Part of Paulina’s success is her identifiable brand.

“Her voice is a unique identifier and her voice pops and I would know it was her if I heard it on the radio,” said Bruce.

Connected with ASCAP, Paulina released her duet album “Girl Who Would Be King” in 2013 and celebrated the release her album “Loves Gonna Always Win” on Oct. 14 at The Country.

“We love Paulina, and are always happy to have her play,” said Lee Huber, booking coordinator for The Country. “Her showmanship is far beyond her years and she’s a great performer.”

Oh course this is just the beginning of Paulina Jayne’s musical career. At the end of the interview, Paulina mentioned that there was more news to come.

“I’m really excited, because- I can’t tell you right now, but in a little bit I’m going to be able to talk to you about this sweet new business concept we’ve got going on,” Paulina said.

For now, though, fans will just have to content themselves with Paulina Jayne’s new album.

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