Bang Candy finds its sweet spot

Fluffy. Velvety. Sticky Sweet. These things whip up into the most famous product of the Bang Candy Company in Nashville: the marshmallow. Against the rough brick walls of the store hangs a framed pink and white poster, embellished with a quote summing up the store’s vibe and leaving customers with a smile: “Money can’t buy […]

Halcyon Bike Shop: Treasured Home to Cyclists

The Halcyon Bike Shop of 12th South, clad in red-rusted panels and guarded at the entrance by two gilded lions, holds a bounty of cycling treasures. The beloved bicycle shop with bikes both new and used, has become a beloved haven for cyclists of all creeds. Orphaned bicycles find refuge here and bikers come to talk […]

Oxford Barber Shop provides a little cut of history

Feb. 23, 2015 A clock hangs on the chipped, gray wall. It tick, tick, ticks ceaselessly, a nagging reminder of change. With every passing second, it seems something new changes in Nashville these days. A glossy condo complex springs from the earth; yet another neighborhood gets gentrified. The next big restaurant opens; the last big […]

Manuel Couture Designs

All Manuel Cueras used to need to draw in the legends of Nashville was an aged brick building with a sign that simply stated “Manuel” above the door next to Midtown Printing in Music City. But times change, and as an 81-year-old man, Cueras knows that all too well. Now the man who created Elvis […]