Fred Schmidt – King of the Commons

As Murray State Racer guard Cameron Payne steps forward and toes the free-throw line in a recent Belmont basketball home game against visiting Murray State, senior Fred Schmidt sprints down the aisle of the bleachers behind the opposing teams’ goal towards the floor. His normal seat in the configuration of the pep band is near […]

They Said She Couldn’t Walk, So She Ran

The doctors said she would never walk, but they never said she wouldn’t run. When Sydney Bolen was diagnosed at birth with Cerebral Palsy, her parents were immediately told to start picking out wheelchairs. Luckily for Sydney, her parents defied doctors’ orders and when she was old enough to walk, signed her up for track, […]

Hello Revivalist

Who knew faith and fashion could go hand in hand. Not Megan Phillips. “I was called by the Lord with a vision to do this,” said Phillips, 22. By this, Phillips meant fashion. She knew she loved the concept of making something wearable as a piece of art and after spending a summer in the […]

A Bike Is All You Need

I walked into a small office space located in the Edgehill Village complex just a few blocks from Belmont University. R&B music was playing softly from a laptop sitting on a long table. It, along with a few chairs, were pushed up next to a brightly colored, orange wall on one side of the room. […]

The Loving Pie Company: A Slice of Home

The smell of sweet cinnamon-sugar-coated apples and buttery crust fills the hot air, and oven smoke rises to the ceiling making itself known in the beams of light cutting through the room. Just like grandma’s kitchen. It’s difficult to find anything that makes your heart melt and your belly warm quite like a slice of […]

King of Fresh

One day, $3,000.             Not bad for a brand that just a few months ago ordered its first shirts.             A distinct buzz of excitement surrounded Bullets and Mullets, the Gulch’s newest urban apparel shop, as the King of Fresh brand made its first in-store appearance.             Jonathan Fields, the 22-year-old CEO and co-founder, recalls […]

Dominican Sisters Keep Tradition Of Prayer And Service

The sisters whisper “Amen” before silently crossing themselves as morning Mass ends, beginning a daily routine of centuries-old customs. It’s hard to believe, but history is playing out in the present. From prayer to play, the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia follow a rich tradition and what they consider a higher calling. Understanding the sisters’ […]

Fighters on four legs

What constitutes a best friend? Is it someone who comforts you in times of distress? Someone who does not give up on you? Someone who would take a bullet for you? It really is no wonder dogs are man’s best friend. And the patrol dogs of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department K-9 Unit are no […]

Rebel Stepbrother of Grimey’s: Fond Object Record Shop

In a corner of Riverside Village, a small retail development in East Nashville, a white brick building sits quietly. It is dark, and a pale string of lights twinkle from the inside. Upon closer inspection, the light bulbs are actually tiny skull heads, each one grinning mischievously at passersby, daring them to come inside. To […]

Out with the New, In with the Old: The Factory at Franklin

From the outside, the Factory at Franklin looks just like any other run-down old building. Its darkened windows and discolored brick walls stand tall and steadfast behind a garden and canopied entranceway. Within, however, lies a completely different world. A diverse collection of colorful shops, restaurants and businesses fills the inside space of this 15 […]