Barbering its Way to the Top

His unoccupied office sits in the back, but you won’t find him there. He’s folding towels, extending a helpful hand to his employees or charming his customers. He sports a fitted black ensemble, a velvet jacket, slacks and a signature bowtie- his newly relished staple. He wears a watch, but just for looks. He isn’t […]

Grimey’s cleans house in record store realm

Whether the clock reads 4 p.m. on a Saturday or 2:30 p.m. on a Sunday, cars filled the tiny parking lot. The square sign reads “Grimey’s Too Tangible Musical Artyfacts.” Two other logos support it from below – Frothy Monkey and Howlin’ Books. Not too far up the street, another, less noticeable, sign points out […]

Hammel Hammers Out Hits For Acme Radio

Justin Hammel is completely unaware of the anachronism unfolding around him.  As he taps on a silver MacBook, the hooves of a chestnut horse click down the road behind him, coaxed along by a ruddy man in an oversized top hat.  The man in the hat is gesturing wildly towards neon signs dimmed by the […]

OMG- Old Made Good

If you are racist, sexist or homophobic, Old Made Good is not for you.   Ashley Sheehan, Nashville businesswoman, is not the owner of your average vintage store. She’s the first to admit it. She even advertises it to customers before they walk in the door.   Laid back in a brown wool swivel chair, […]

High Garden Tea, Not Your Ordinary Tea Shop

Just off of Fatherland Street in East Nashville you’ll find a Harry Potter land called High Garden Tea. The door doesn’t even have time to fully close before your realize you’re not inside a typical tea shop complete with pretty dishes, crumpets and fruity tea flavors.   Sage fills the air. Silvery-gray bundles sit around […]