Native magazine reveals best of Nashville

Starting a magazine in today’s economy is not advised, especially for two recent college graduates, however, Dave Pittman and Cayla Mackey forged ahead anyway, creating Nashville’s trendiest new publication: Native. In the span of only several months, Native magazine has made a name for itself in the Nashville community, partnering with local businesses, record labels […]

Ombre: A color fade or a fading fad?

While most trends fade away, ombre could be here to stay. Ombre is hair coloring with a base color at the roots, and toward the ends of the hair it lightens up, usually all the way to blond. The word itself is French and translates to shadow or shade. The hair trend started on celebrities, […]

Hollywood meets 1900 Belmont Boulevard

Belmont University, known for its music roots, will be adding a motion pictures major program to its catalog this fall. Film History, Short Film Analysis & Writing and The Media Makers will be the first courses taught all by program chairman Will Akers. Akers, who received his master’s degree in cinema production from the University […]

World cup victory opens doors for Belmont Enactus members

It was 10 below zero with 2 feet of snow on the ground when the president landed in Moscow. “I never thought I’d be stuck on a metro in Moscow not being able to speak the language,” said Kelsey Bright, president of Belmont Enactus. Just three months after the Belmont Enactus team claimed its title […]

Fox & Rum

Jenny Carew isn’t just an entrepreneurship major. In January of 2012, Carew launched the website, Fox & Rum, offering vintage clothing and accessories from local thrift stores hand picked by Carew herself. All items are marketed to be unique, eco-friendly and affordable. Carew originally came up with the idea because people would often compliment her […]

A TORRES de force

On Tuesday, Mackenzie Scott packed up her mother’s Ford Excursion and headed to St. Louis. Inside the car were her band, band manager and band equipment. “It’s going to be cramped,” Scott said. That Tuesday, Scott had a show in St. Louis. On Wednesday she had a show in Chicago. On Friday it was a […]

Blake Mankin, M.r. B., Chasing the Dream

Not many students have released a second EP, been featured on the Today Show and opened for a hip-hop group in Texas all while still in college. But freshman Blake Mankin has. “I plan on continuing being an independent hip-hop artist simply because it’s possible,” Mankin, songwriting and entrepreneurship major, said. “I’ve already caught the […]

Seesaw balances the dilemma of daily decisions

To get coffee from Starbucks, Frothy Monkey or Bongo Java? Study in Sevier or Centennial park? To spend a weekend in East Tennessee or Northern Alabama? Whether your decision is a big one, like which car to buy, or a $5 gamble of where to get your morning coffee, Seesaw is ready to help. The […]

Student brings swag in to swing dancing

Swing dancing is on its way back into popularity on the Belmont campus thanks to sophomore Jamie Schmidt. “I really enjoy it, and I love being able to see other people experience it too. God really works through it,” said Schmidt. Dancing brings out joy in people, and that is a gift straight from God, said […]

You’ve got to try it: Pollo Gringo

On a brisk, sunny Thursday afternoon in Nashville, Belmont students sit lazily at the glossy tables of the nearby Latin-themed hot-spot Chago’s Cantina. Jewel-toned plates holding heaping portions of Latin-inspired dishes leave the kitchen, as onlookers momentarily pause their conversations in awe, anxiously hoping that their order is next. One of the most popular dishes […]