Fox & Rum

Jenny Carew isn’t just an entrepreneurship major.

In January of 2012, Carew launched the website, Fox & Rum, offering vintage clothing and accessories from local thrift stores hand picked by Carew herself.

All items are marketed to be unique, eco-friendly and affordable.

Carew originally came up with the idea because people would often compliment her trendy, yet original style and would ask where she bought her clothing.

“I thought if people keep asking me about it, then why don’t I sell it?” said Carew.

In order to find clothing for her website, Carew visits various thrift stores around Nashville and does what she loves—shop.

“Buying clothes and getting clothes is really fun for me,” said Carew.

It isn’t uncommon for items from thrift stores to be ripped or have flaws, so Carew takes care of this herself. If she thinks an item has potential, she alters it to her liking.

“Most blazers and cardigans have stitched up sides to make them smaller,” said Carew.

The majority of the items sold at Fox & Rum are $16 to $13, depending on the quality of the product.

The technicality of creating a website was one of her biggest struggles, said Carew. She was somewhat experienced in the code writing process from high school, but it had been a few years since she had done it.

“It was a pain—you basically just get space in the universe,” said Carew.

In order to learn how to properly create a website from scratch, Carew watched tutorial videos and confided in other companies to figure it out.

Another struggle for Carew was coming up with a name.

“Once you decide on a name, you can’t change it,” said Carew.

Carew finally decided on Fox & Rum because of the deeper meanings of the words.

She chose the name Fox because a fox’s fur adapts to the environment as the seasons change. Comparibly, fashion is always changing and trends are always shifting.

Generally, when you hear the word ‘rum,’ Captain Morgan comes to mind. Carew chose to include it in the website’s name because it is also defined to mean ‘eccentric’ or ‘quirky.’

Carew not only created the website and picks out the clothes, she is responsible for providing the photography and uses her friends and sorority sisters from Belmont as models. This not only saves time and money, it helps the site gain more viewers and potential buyers.

“People go check it out because their friends are in it,” said Carew.

Marie Preptit, senior, posed as a model shortly after she met Carew in a third-year-writing class.

“I think it’s a good idea because it’s like a thrift shop type thing but online, so it takes away the hassle of going to a thrift shop and having to wash the clothes,” said Preptit.

Another person who is familiar with the site is former Belmont student, Ali Williams. Williams ordered a black belt and a vintage sweater from Fox & Rum. Not only was she satisfied with her purchase, but she recommended visiting Fox & Rum because of its easy accessibility to people on campus.

“I like how you can do Belmont pick-up, it just makes getting cute, affordable clothes even easier,” said Williams.

Carew put it best: “the beauty is everything is one-of-a-kind.”