It’s all wine and smiles at Arrington Vineyards

Bare feet drape off the edge of a blue blanket. Hands eagerly reach for a small plastic cup filled with just a few sips left worth of sweet wine.

Hundreds of people spread across the hilly vineyard that has captured plenty of Nashvillians’ attention. Wine tasters, wine enthusiasts and wine virgins gather to enjoy a sunny, yet fall-like Saturday evening off the touristy path of the metropolitan area.

Arrington Vineyards has been a popular location to drink and taste wines since its opening in 2007. Located 30 minutes outside of Nashville, the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee give the tiny community the “wine country experience.” The vineyard offers several high class and award-winning wines. If you are looking to explore new tastes, or view some beautiful Tennessee scenery, Arrington Vineyards is for you.

“We have been coming here since it opened. Wine tasting was free back then and it was a secret place. Now it’s very popular,” laughs Angela Miller.

Miller’s husband and several other friends sit around a self-made picnic eating fancy cucumber salad sandwiches and red peppers. Sounds interesting, but surely they know the best foods by now to pair with their favorite, red-only wines.

They sit, laugh and drink –- possibly one’s perfect September Saturday.

The wind begins to pick up and the outdoor barn lights turn on as the sun is almost down. Jazz guitars strum in the background, the type of melody that makes you want to keep sipping.

Young women in long dresses pose for pictures with their friends in front of lanes of vines that seem to stretch forever. “It’s just a beautiful spot to enjoy some wine and I definitely plan on coming back,” says Hunter Grubbs who stands in a long line waiting to order the blackberry wine as well.

The tasting bar line begins to grow, the music gets louder and the sun is almost completely gone. For now the light pink sky dims behind the green hills and two red barns.

“It’s just a place that makes you appreciate Tennessee and wine,” says Miller.

As the night grows darker, it also grows colder. Some people are starting to leave, as the view becomes less visible and less green.

Sitting on a blanket in the middle of the hustle and bustle of casual wine drinking, kids are rolling down the hill over in the distance. It is a sight that makes you appreciate the venue and the fact that everyone, all ages, can come to enjoy the beautiful scenery, even if they are not old enough to taste the fermented product.

“We actually were just here two nights ago, because my daughter was in town with the grandkids, it was a beautiful evening,” says a friendly man who suggests a white Riesling.

Walking to the top of the hill (which was a decent workout) the wine bar sits and is crowded with couples and girlfriends waiting their turn to experience the tastes of exquisite wines.

The scent is not an everyday scent. It is fresh, cooling and fruity. The atmosphere is made up of happy looking people ready to experiment and play around with their taste buds.

“We will probably be back within the next two weeks or so, this is definitely one of our favorite Nashville spots,” says Miller.

Arrington Vineyards is not just a portrait of green and picturesque landscapes where people come to get their alcohol fix. It is a place to come share laughs, stories and create memories. Of course, it is also to enjoy some of the best wine you can find in all of Nashville and even the country.


Know if you go:

Location: Arrington Vineyards, 6211 Patton Rd, Arrington, TN 37014; Hours and cost: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. / tasting box – $8.50, bottles range from $16-$50

Contact info: (615) 395-0102

*Bring own food and a blanket or chairs