A Long Road to Sobriety

The right rear tire blows out. The car rolls more than 10 times in seven seconds. In those seven seconds, as he remembers, the scene flashes before his eyes. Riding down the interstate in an SUV, John Clint Mabry, a senior college student, and his friends are on their way back to Baylor University after […]

Creativity Boxed In

On the corner of Ashwood Avenue and Belmont Boulevard a plain, black trailer sits next to the curb. Think U-Haul, a single tire on each side, two double doors that open out the back. It’s the type of trailer you might expect to hold off-brand UPS boxes full of old clothes or a brown bookshelf […]

A Call to Serve

It’s 10:45 a.m. on a rainy Saturday morning in downtown Nashville. Hidden behind a large iron gate and a line of trees which seems out of place in the middle of a city, stands the red brick elegance of St. Cecilia Convent. The inner workings of the old handle squeal and click as St. Cecilia […]

Five Daughters bakes with layers and layers of love

Walk up the steps of the teal blue house and inside you’ll see the neon pink sign. The sound of upbeat, electronic music by artists like Flume fills your ears and the smell of sweet pastries and freshly brewed coffee fills the air. Stroll over to the counter to see an array of pastries unlike […]

Shiver Me Tinder

It’s a basic movement controlled by the touch of a finger; swipe right if he’s hot, swipe left if he’s not. But Super Like him if he’s, like, really, really, really cute. If any program encompasses the shallow and ambiguous dating life of young millennials, it’s no other than the infamous Tinder app. With an […]

Kid Freud psychoanalyzes garage-pop and cereal

With the exception of the occasional car passing by, Sharondale Drive is entirely too quiet—but it would be unlike Kid Freud to keep this peace. The band’s indie-rock anthems echo from the Green Hills home-turned rehearsal space. Putting the Tuesday evening jam session on pause, we sit around a flimsy metal table in the front […]

Northern ‘star’ tackles country landscape in Nashville

It’s the day after her last performance in her home state of Minnesota before she makes the return trip to Nashville, Tennessee, and Katie Ray Murray is tired. Her mother offered to drive the first leg of the 14-hour drive, her father all alone in his truck fighting off the same sense of exhaustion. It’s […]

Paulina Jayne developing her country brand

She never meant to write country music. Detroit native Paulina Jayne grew up with Motown music. Paulina started writing country music at age 9 even if she didn’t realize it. “Country music was something that just sort of happened,” said Paulina as she pushed her unruly blonde hair from her face. “I signed a management […]

Live on the Green: A Nashville rite of passage

It’s 7 p.m. and Live on the Green has conquered downtown Nashville again, just as it has for the last three Thursday nights. Blue lights strobe along every closed-off intersection of Union Street, while the free concert series reverberates well beyond Third Avenue. High above the crowd, the Lightning 100 logo projects against the side […]

Everyone welcome at Nashville’s original craft brewery

Craft breweries are starting to become as ubiquitous as man buns and Mason jars here in Nashville. But in true hipster fashion, the best thing is often the original. “A Southern Original since 2003,” Yazoo Brewing Company is one of Music City’s gems. Despite never having visited the brewery, I step inside and feel at […]