Middle Tennessee’s taste of Napa Valley

Crossing the wrought iron gate at Arrington Vineyard you enter into a life of luxury in which your only worries are deciding which wine to try next.

Located 25 minutes south of downtown Nashville, Arrington Vineyard is the ideal getaway. On sloping green hills, trees speckle the landscape offering shade as well as the occasional wooden porch swing. Families relax at picnic tables facing the countryside while the sweet aroma of grapes mingles with the scent of fresh cut grass.

Arrington Vineyards opened in July 2007. One of five vineyards in the Nashville area, Arrington has made a name for itself with its beautiful scenery, award winning wine, and music.

“I came to Arrington to take a quick drive and get out. I’ve heard really good things about it,” said Bryn White, a first time visitor. “They do music on the weekends and I want to come back and see it.”

Partially owned by country music star Kix Brooks, of Brooks & Dunn, Arrington offers Music in the Vines at which visitors can enjoy live music for free. They can listen to smooth jazz or hear live bluegrass bands play every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

n a nice day, families cluster in groups across the lawn. Some bring picnic blankets and coolers, munching on bits of food between conversation. A game of croquet has broken out in a more level part of the lawn and parents are teaching their kids how to strike the balls with the mallet to get them through the wire arches. Other visitors enjoy the air of tranquility at Arrington and they lie in the grass soaking up the sun.

“We wanted to hang out with friends, have some wine, be outside and enjoy the weather,” said Jayne Smith, a Franklin native who was engaged at Arrington.

On top of a hill sits Arrington’s wooden lodge. The lodge boasts a two-story wrap around porch on which customers can relax at wrought iron tables tasting wine. On chillier nights a fireplace will be lit allowing customers to cozy up to it for warmth.

With over 18 varieties of local wines, visitors can sample wines in the tasting room. With two options at the tasting bar customers can choose to sample four wines for $7 or eight for $14 while employees point out subtleties hidden in the fragrant bouquets. A picnic tasting option is also available. Customers can sample four wines with crackers for $14.  In addition, Arrington sells bottles of their wine as well as cheese and water.

Outside most of the adults on the balcony are splitting a bottle among friends. However, on a gorgeous day many customers have chosen the picnic option allowing them to relax on the lawn.

Visitors are welcome to explore the fields and walk among the rows of grape. On many of the vines, plump and juicy grapes hang low waiting to be harvested. When the vineyard is less busy, Arrington offers guided tours explaining how the grapes are grown and the production of wine.

The Wine Loft accompanies private parties with the Arrington AV premiere experience. Set in a renovated barn, the private party samples five award-winning wines paired with gourmet cheeses. In addition the AV premiere experience includes a guided tour of the AV Barrel House and Wine Production Facility.

Arrington offers free parking with parking attendants and golf carts for those needing assistance.  For more information call 615-395-0102 or visit www.arringtonvineyards.com for more information. Arrington is located at 6211 Patton Rd,, Arrington, Tennessee 37014. Hours: Monday-Thursday 11 a.m.-8 p.m.; Friday and Saturday  11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sunday noon-8 p.m.