Belmont’s Biggy Bird

The glass door closes behind me as I enter the empty community room of a Belmont dormitory. I take a seat at the round wooden table in the corner of the room, waiting anxiously to meet Belmont’s biggest celebrity. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a feathery primrose-yellow creature approaching. Standing 8 […]

My Little Brony

Each day, Belmont student, Steven Palmer, unwinds by watching animated ponies have magical adventures. The 22-year-old liberal studies student loves “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic,” and he’s not alone. He’s part of a growing group of “bronies” (“bro ponies”)—men who are fans of a TV show largely intended for a much younger female audience. […]

You’ve got to try it: Pollo Gringo

On a brisk, sunny Thursday afternoon in Nashville, Belmont students sit lazily at the glossy tables of the nearby Latin-themed hot-spot Chago’s Cantina. Jewel-toned plates holding heaping portions of Latin-inspired dishes leave the kitchen, as onlookers momentarily pause their conversations in awe, anxiously hoping that their order is next. One of the most popular dishes […]