Farewell Fort Negley

May 1, 2016   For years, members of Nashville’s homeless population have sought solace in the woods of Fort Negley, the Civil War fort turned public park. Tucked away between I-65, I-40 and a CSX rail line, the property’s northernmost hill hosts a quiet web of campsites spread out over two acres in an undeveloped […]

High Garden Tea, Not Your Ordinary Tea Shop

Just off of Fatherland Street in East Nashville you’ll find a Harry Potter land called High Garden Tea. The door doesn’t even have time to fully close before your realize you’re not inside a typical tea shop complete with pretty dishes, crumpets and fruity tea flavors.   Sage fills the air. Silvery-gray bundles sit around […]

Hard Work, Hardwood, Good Business

Brent Coursey doesn’t look like a man who makes a living selling wood. Sixty-one years have left Coursey with chiseled wrinkles and deep blue eyes glazed slightly red from decades of rising before the sun. Yet his clothing seems to have come from a dVanderbilt University fraternity brother’s closet. Khaki pants and a button up […]

Davis Cookware and Cutlery: the original Nashville

Like a storage closet yet to be cleaned out, Davis Cookware and Cutlery may seem overwhelming at first. I find myself mindlessly wandering among the seemingly endless supply of cookware, bags of coffee and tea. Stacked cardboard boxes hide any trace of a wall and various kitchen gadgets lay in their original shipping boxes.  The […]

The Enchanting Realm of Savant Vintage and Couture

                Vintage pieces serve as tokens of idyllic times, their vibrancy crystallized within each thread. Vintage is elusive and enchanting: it travels, cycles through different owners and yet it always arrives precisely where it’s meant to be.                 Some of the most timeless and unique pieces find themselves in the hands of Beverly Chowning of Savant Vintage […]

Fanny’s House of Music caters to female musicians of Nashville

If not for the cash register up front, it may seem like walking into an old female singer-songwriter’s home with the racks of western-style, vintage dresses, walls lined with rare guitars and cozy practice space. Fanny’s House of Music captures a feeling of hospitality and humbleness with its decor as well its welcoming owners, Leigh […]

Godless assembly celebrates a life before death

It is a sight all too familiar. Well-dressed families gathering on a Sunday morning to celebrate a shared spirit. The pale light of the winter sun filters through scattered stained-glass windows to match the attendees’ welcoming spirit. This assembly includes all of the makings of a church service except for one thing: God. Among a […]

Halcyon Bike Shop: Treasured Home to Cyclists

The Halcyon Bike Shop of 12th South, clad in red-rusted panels and guarded at the entrance by two gilded lions, holds a bounty of cycling treasures. The beloved bicycle shop with bikes both new and used, has become a beloved haven for cyclists of all creeds. Orphaned bicycles find refuge here and bikers come to talk […]

The Running Theme in Nashville Tourism

The Nashville tourism industry is temporarily leaving its glossy leather boots and ten-gallon hat at the door and roaming the city with nothing more than running shoes, a sweatband and a fair amount of endurance. Nashville Running Tours, in tandem with its name, guides visitors and locals alike through the best of Nashville while knocking […]

The Real Runway Models of Nashville

It’s the week after Nashville Fashion Week—seven days past the bright lights, couture threads and base-heavy Top 40 playlists—and male model Bryant Lowry has one thing to say about the experience. “Zoolander is way off.” Yes, Ben Stiller, tousled tresses, chiseled cheekbones and luxurious labels aside, there’s a good deal more to the model’s experience […]