Athens: A Taste of Greece in Nashville

He came from the Northeast side of Egypt and somehow started a Greek restaurant in Nashville. Go figure. Owner of Athens Family Restaurant Adele Elosetta is one of those men who stands an average height, but appears much taller. It may be his tan skin, dark facial hair and deep-set eyes that give him an […]

College Equestrian Teams

College is a time for personal growth, academic maturity and horses. It is, at least, for a student who can’t imagine a life without the freedom only felt atop 1,500 pounds of majestic beauty or without the aroma of picking stalls clean of horse manure. Moving to college can’t stop a horse lover’s Ariat boots […]

Meet Mr. Lincoln

“Look! There he comes,” an excited and plump sixth grader at T. W. Hunter Middle School said as he outstretched his arm and pointed his finger at the tall man towering over heads of teachers. He came dressed in a suit, vest and bowtie, and of course that top hat. Everyone was “little miss” and […]

The Ladies of What’s Bruin’?

The line wraps around the store, crowding the coffee stand and bumping boxes of sushi, but no one dares to miss his morning muffin and her afternoon java. Some say it’s something more than the food and drinks that keep people coming to What’s Bruin’? There is something special about the people Yashica Benford and […]

My Journey Around the City

With a full tank of gas and an empty stomach, I got in my car with one mission. It’s 2 p.m. on a Saturday, and I want breakfast. Most restaurants are recuperating from the lunch rush, cleaning dishes of mashed potatoes, chicken sandwiches and burgers, but I want nothing more than to sit down with […]

The Bathroom Sessions

The dorm room is filled with couches, food, posters, dirty socks, and four guys. What is the cleanest part of the dorm? The bathroom. Because when it is not fulfilling its main function, the Kennedy 321/323 suite’s bathroom is a recording studio. The group of sophomore Belmont students, audio engineering technology majors Ian Brown and […]

Ombre: A color fade or a fading fad?

While most trends fade away, ombre could be here to stay. Ombre is hair coloring with a base color at the roots, and toward the ends of the hair it lightens up, usually all the way to blond. The word itself is French and translates to shadow or shade. The hair trend started on celebrities, […]