Middle Tennessee’s taste of Napa Valley

Crossing the wrought iron gate at Arrington Vineyard you enter into a life of luxury in which your only worries are deciding which wine to try next. Located 25 minutes south of downtown Nashville, Arrington Vineyard is the ideal getaway. On sloping green hills, trees speckle the landscape offering shade as well as the occasional […]

The ‘Pickin’ is good

Antique Archaeology’s intimate space of American History and the live country, bluegrass and blues sound make for a nostalgic, laid back root beer float kind of Sunday in the South. It’s a small, welcoming walk-through and part of Marathon Village at 1200 Clinton St., Suite 130 right near 8th Avenue South. T-shirts and baseball cap […]

Listen up, music lovers

It doesn’t take much to try and find live music when you’re in downtown Nashville. Weary travelers may not know that a less chaotic, enticing display of musicians lies just a few streets over from Broadway: The Listening Room. When entering the dimly-lit, young-adult-staffed music joint right across from the town’s new Ascend Amphitheater, it’s […]

Down on the farm in downtown Nashville

He was an older man, 60 to 70 years old. His overworked and calloused hands were grasping his homemade apple pie. “These pies were made with the finest and freshest apples of all Tennessee,” he said to his browsing customer, who pulled out his wallet and exchanged his $12 for this divine creation. The creator […]

Nashville’s hidden antebellum gem

Stepping through the antebellum doorway of the Belle Meade Mansion, I feel as if I have time traveled to a different era—an era rich in southern history and heritage, a family legacy that has withstood both prosperity and loss. In 1806 upon his marriage, John Harding purchased 200 acres of land on the Old Natchez […]

No pretension at the 5 Spot

I always think it must be my rural upbringing that makes me gravitate toward a smaller locale or venue when I’m in the city. But in the case of Nashville, I’m convinced it’s just the sheer amount of warmth and simplicity that more remote spots have to offer that is so charming. Don’t get me […]

Acme breaks the downtown mold

FORGET HONKY-TONKIN’ Pretty girls sporting bedazzled cowboy boots, rowdy guys double-fisting beers, and music sprinkled with steel guitars blasting from all directions sounds like a fantasy created by the lyrics of a country song, right? Well, Lower Broadway tends to make that fantasy a reality for many tourists on any given night of the week. […]

Marathon Village good for the “‘picking’

Whether you are into antiques, historical buildings, organic salons, or art galleries, Marathon Motor Works has that and more. Just a few miles west of downtown, Marathon Motor Works is one of Nashville’s most unique and diverse attractions. It hosts a variety of shops and businesses, including Antique Archeology, a store featuring many items you’ll […]